Wednesday, 24 December 2008

.:tag tig tug teg tog:.

1. What's Your Most Favourite Colour?
- blue, white, black

2.Who Is The Most Important To You?
- diri sendiri kot....

3. How Often Do You Think Of Commiting Suicide?
- haram.. xbek tu...

4. Do You Think You Have Enough Confidence?
- sometimes yes someyimes not...

5. How Many Babies Do You Want?
- kalu boleh nak 2 je...

6. Do You Believe In Seeing A Rainbow After The Rain?
- pelangi kan wujud so percaya..hehe

7. What's Your Goal Next Year?
- same mcm tahun ni jugak kot..hehe

8. Who'll You Miss The Most, If You Don't Talk To Them?
- kene bgtau ke?? xyah la kot..

9. Do You Think The Person Who Tag You, Like To Play Kidnapping?
- hahhaha.. xpenah tau la...heheh

10. What Do You Want For Christmas?
- ape2 je asal best cukup la..hehe

11. What Is Your Bad Habit?
- hehe... ni payah sket nk ckp nie.... suke mkn nasi kot..hehehe

12. Do You Have A Secret Crush?
- yeah of course

13. Do You Cherish Every Single Friendship Of Yours?
- yeah of course...

14. What Does Flying Mean To You?
- makne nya terbang la kot.....

15. What Do You Crave For The Most Currently?
- xde kot....

16. Are You Single/ Relationship?
- single and sexy.....

17. What Have You Done To Yourself To Make Yourself Happy?
- mkan2... enjoy2...

18. How's Your Day?
- as usual

19. If You Were Asked To Make A Wish, What Would You Ask For?
- nak duit byk2... skrg jugak..hehe

3 orang mengomel:

aMad said...

single n sexy??

.iwan. said...

nie ape nie??
tajuk entri pun tiru org.

wanridzuan said...

amad: hehehe btol la single n sexy... xcaye tanye org len..hehe

ops... yeke?? xsengaje